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Press the Reset button & then Scan someone nearby!
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Simple Instructions

1. Press the Reset button to prepare the Santa Scan-O-Matic. (You can control the results - Scroll down to see how!)
2. Press the Scan button to see if you are Naughty or Nice.


How To Control Your Results - For Parents Only!

You can even tell what you've chosen (secretly, of course!). Look at the center blinking light.
If it's Red, the result will be Naughty and if it's Green the result will be Nice!

Christmas Countdown - Just hit the rectangular green button to scroll through Hours, Days and Minutes until midnight on Christmas Day!

Santa Watching Light - To turn the light on double-tap the Santa's Watching light. It will stay lit until you double-tap it again to turn it off. Use this to emphasize to your kids when you want them to be "extra" good!

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